Introducing The Working Singer Podcast!

If you’re a professional singer, want to turn singing into a career, or simply love to hear stories from singers on the road, then “The Working Singer” is the podcast for you.

My name is Jamila Ford, and on this podcast I chat with professional singers about how they make a creative living in the music business lending their talent to stars like: Enrique Iglesias, The Killers, Elvis Costello, and more. They share life lessons, business advice, and how they make a living when they’re off the road. We’ll also discuss vocal health, technique, performance, coaching and pretty much all things vocal.

Elevate your approach to your singing career, get enlightened about what the pros do, and be inspired with new ideas that you can make your own. For these stories and more, subscribe, download and rate on Apple Podcasts, or your favorite place to listen.

New episodes every Monday!

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