Ep. 1 Celia Chavez (Enrique Iglesias, P!nk, Melody Gardot)

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Have you ever had a dream you put on the back burner? You need to listen to this episode. Celia Chavez is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who went from deferring her musical dreams to touring with P!nk, Melody Gardot, and is currently on the road with Enrique Iglesias. She has also created her “Harmony at Play” workshop that not only teaches non-professional singers how to sing with a group, but also tightens up the skillset of harmonizing for pros. Listen to her story now and be inspired!



  1. Be open cool and easy to work with.
  2. Get out and get heard. Find jams and open mics so people know what you do and know what you sound like.
  3. No gig is too small. You took the gig, so treat it with value. Use the opportunity to develop your work ethic and your craft.
  4. Singers hire other singers. Find any opportunity you can to meet and support other singers. Got to open mics, join a choir, or take a sight singing class.
  5. Don’t pre-disqualify yourself before the an audition. Come into an audition as prepared as you can. Sing material you know well. Get any coaching/guidance in areas you feel less confident in, so that you can go into your audition or interview feeling positive.
  6. There is no linear progression to success in this career. You must decide what “success” means for you.

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Special thanks to Celia Chavez for joining me this week!

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