Ep. 2 Erica Canales (The Killers, Gwen Stefani, Grace Potter)

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Erica Canales, singer, songwriter and vocal coach shares how she went from having singer burnout to touring with The Killers and working on projects for Gwen Stefani and Grace Potter. She also gives her insights on touring as a background singer, what makes a gig worth taking, and the healthy mindset of a “support” singer.



  1. If you’re considering being a background singer, have an honest conversation with yourself about whether or not being a support musician is truly for you.
  2. Whether you are on or off the road, find a daily ritual to keep yourself centered.
  3. Nothing is more restorative for your voice than sleep. Get rest when you need it.
  4. Determine what it means for you to make your own mark in the world. It’s going to come up a lot, but you’re going to have to define for YOU what success in your career means.
  5. Everything happens in the time it takes to happen. Do the work, get good at what you do, and develop your craft.
  6. Limit the comparisons (to other musician’s careers). We all have our own journey.
  7. It’s the vibe, the money or the hang. You want a gig to have at least two of those three virtues. 😉
  8. When you’re on the road the two hours you spend performing on stage is not the work. The real work is the other twenty-two hours you spend with the other people you’re on the road with. That’s the work.

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Special thanks to Erica Canales for joining me this week!

2 Replies to “Ep. 2 Erica Canales (The Killers, Gwen Stefani, Grace Potter)”

  1. Howdy from Texas!
    I want to say thank you for interviewing my talent niece Erica! I’ve watch this little girl and babysat many many times and somehow I knew Erica would be someone great and we seen the struggles and the joys of her journeys. Erica said she was lucky but I my eyes she was truly blessed to have a beautiful voice that God gave her!
    Thank you again! Your podcast was great!
    Hugs n love from Texas!
    Sandi Verret

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