Ep. 3 Kitten Kuroi (Elvis Costello, Englebert Humperdinck, Natasha Bedingfield)

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Singer, songwriter and vegan chef Kitten Kuroi is simply an inspiration when it comes to staying open and saying yes to life. Listen to how Kitten went from “Facebook star” to touring the world with artists like Elvis Costello, Engelbert Humperdinck, Natasha Bedingfield,  and also how she took a chance and decided to take a spur of the moment artist’s trip to Ireland where she had many unexpected, but life changing experiences.



  1. Stay open to possibilities and remain curious.  Look for what resonates with you even a little bit and explore it. Those seemingly little decisions lay the foundation for larger opportunities to come into your life.
  2. No matter your age, there is no expiration date on doing what you love. Keep finding opportunities to do it.
  3. Keep saying yes to the things you really want to do.
  4. When you’re a singer, it’s not just a job you do, it’s a part of you.
  5. Passion and talent are timeless and will always find an audience to resonate with.
  6. Don’t give up.  Just keep going!

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Special thanks to Kitten Kuroi for joining me this week!

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