Ep. 6 Melanie Taylor (Aerosmith, Bette Midler, Donna Summer) Part 1

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Melanie Taylor is a seasoned performer who in her extensive career has worked with the likes of Aerosmith, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, The Righteous Brothers, Connie Stevens, Donna Summer, John Mayer, Joe Walsh and many more. Melanie shares what she’s learned along the way, how she helps young artists develop their creative process, and insights on what it takes to be a serious performer.



  1. Decide what kind of learner you are — aural, visual, kinetic — to help develop a creative process for yourself.
  2. Be mindful of things that work for you (during your learning process) that might not work for others.
  3. Give yourself uninterrupted time to learn new material.
  4. When you’re going over new material jot down questions you have and make sure to get them answered for your own clarity. Having them answered clears the way for learning and absorbing the material.
  5. Glance at your material just before bed to help reinforce what you’ve just learned.
  6. Be gentle, but be focused.
  7. Know the logistics of whatever gig you’re on — location, dress code, meals — if you don’t know, ask.
  8. Do your best to over prepare and to be a strong link in the performance chain.

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