Ep. 8 Kacee Clanton (Joe Cocker, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Luis Miguel)

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How do you go from working a day job as a legal assistant to spending almost two decades playing Janis Joplin on broadway? Kacee Clanton answers this question and more, revealing how she ended up on a Broadway stage, what she learned working with Joe Cocker, how she’s overcome stage fright, and techniques she uses to help her singing students to dig deeper in their own work.



  1. It’s okay to make mistakes. Sometimes it’s just about taking one step back.
  2. As a support singer, be on time, know your material, carry your own bags, and fly under the radar.
  3. Job offers involve good chemistry with others. You can be the best in the building, but it’s really about being the fun hang who has the chops.
  4. Stay out of other people’s issues with each other.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  6. Outside of your comfort zone is where discovery happens.
  7. Being really good and being really great are two very different approaches.
  8. You have to treat yourself lovely!

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Special thanks to Kacee for joining me on the podcast this week!

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