Ep. 11 Jamie Chamberlin (Stewart Copeland, LA Opera, “Forever Marilyn”)

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Can you separate the singing voice from the human being? What is the connection between trauma we experience in life and our singing voice? In this episode, Jamie Chamberlin speaks candidly about these subjects. She also discusses her work with Stewart Copeland (The Police), her relationship with her inner critic, body shaming in the music industry, the emotional toll of having a vocal injury, and much more.



  1. The voice and the mental state are very closely connected.
  2. In opera it’s not so much about the size of the voice as it is about the resonance and how it carries.
  3. Singing is athletic. It requires muscle coordination.
  4. If there’s genuine talent, ability, and there’s a strong work ethic you should be able to forge your own path.
  5. It simply isn’t about the work, we have to take care of ourselves.
  6. We are all dealing with some level of trauma and it does show up in the voice.
  7. You can’t separate the voice from the human.
  8. Your voice wants to be free.
  9. Let’s find a way to use our intuition and empathy in a way that helps up rather than hurts us.

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