Ep. 18 Tamara Bubble (Singer/Rapper/Music Licensing)

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A true “working” sniger in every sense of the word. Singer/rapper and CPA Tamara Bubble is killing it in the music licensing game. We chat about her journey into music, what making it means to her, and how her day job helps her focus on her music. Tamara and I met in Cathy Heller’s Access Music Licensing Course and in less than a year Tamara was already speaking on music supervisor panels, had seven of her song licensed on BET’s Hustle in Brooklyn, and synced a song on the trailer for the HULU original “Shrill.” If you want to get your music licensed in music and television, you need to hear this interview.



  1. There are so many ways to get to that music to a supervisor.
  2. There is enough room for everybody. There’s no need to compete.
  3. You will know that you’re networking when you can get someone to open the email, add you to a brief or talk to you about stuff outside of their work.
  4. Even if you have the right song you still have to build genuinely with the people and that’s as unique as the music you make.
  5. Make it your business to be helpful before others need you.
  6. Have a day job that will afford you the chance to invest time and money in your music.
  7. With rejection you start to find who needs what you have.
  8. Come out of the gate showing that you know the business.
  9. You have to be unique and professional.

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