Ep. 20 Ken Stacey (Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bobby Caldwell)

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Vocal coach and session singer Ken Stacey has toured with Bobby Caldwell, Elton John, has worked with Michael Jackson and currently tours with Ambrosia. He chats about leaving behind law school to pursue singing full time, becoming a talent scout/first line judge on American Idol, and how vulnerability and authenticity helps performers to stand out. He also goes into detail about his “Ready 4 the World” masterclass.



  1. Talent is not enough. It’s your human vulnerability and authenticity. It’s how you’re going to be your best self and it’s how people are going to get to know you.
  2. It is not about being the best. You will not be able to outsing the world. You will not be able to out attractive the world. At the end of the day, if you cannot connect with people, you will not build the kind of audience and industry support that is going to be necessary to carry you through a life long, long term career.
  3. It’s important as singers and performers that we find a sense of purpose beneath all of it.
  4. Strive for excellence not perfection. Perfection does not exist.
  5. Your notes don’t always have to be perfect.
  6. Practice and perform with intention.
  7. At any stage in your career, It is the core of vulnerability and authenticity that is going to lead you to the next path and make you stand out.

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