Ep. 24 Dave Stroud (Vocal Coach, Martina McBride, Adam Lambert)

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Dave Stroud is one of the most sought after vocal coaches around the world. Dave started his career wanting to be a singer himself, but found that his heart belonged with teaching. A few of the artists he has worked with in the past include: Natasha Bedingfield, Martina McBride, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, One Direction. 

Internationally renowned, Dave has been asked to share his expertise through his master-classes around the world including Australia, Austria, Germany, France, the UK, Mexico, China, Singapore, Korea, and Japan, to name a few.

In this interview Dave chats about helping artists find their signature sound, what makes a good voice coach, and his upcoming vocal master class VocalizeU. 



  1. You’ve got to find your signature. You need a unique sound. 
  2. A good voice teacher is hungry to learn and is always curious. 
  3. The key to a good teacher is being able to say, “I don’t know.”
  4. No one person had all the answers and no one method has all the answers.
  5. If you’re with a voice coach and they’re continually pushing something on you that doesn’t seem right for you then find somebody else. 
  6. You can work with multiple voice coaches. It’s a good idea to get different things from different people.

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