Ep. 25 Jamila Ford (Melody Gardot, Spiritualized, Seal)

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The podcast is hijacked by a special guest host today! On this episode of The Working Singer podcast the tables are turned and I’m the one being interviewed by my good friend and guest from episode one Celia Chavez. We talk about the connection between being a regular “human” and performer, why I started the podcast, and how we “gracefully” handle unsolicited advice. This is a fun show you don’t want to miss!



  1. The best teacher you will have will always remain a student themselves.
  2. Have interests outside of singing. See art, read books, get outdoors, absorb other experiences, just ingest it to feed your voice’s story. Absorb it all and let it come out in song.  
  3. Singing isn’t all we do, and any skills, especially people skills, can apply to any area of our lives and expand our voices and expression. 
  4. Detach your self-worth from your work. Find value that is separate from the gigs you’re getting. 
  5. Learn to take your lows and use them to help other people. Create value in any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing! Realize that you can receive criticism (especially fan criticism) in one of two ways: one way will connect you; the other will shut you down. Follow the path to connection! If they’re right about what they’re critiquing let them help you. 
  6. Release your ego and be vulnerable to your audience. They’re there to be healed and transported by you. Let your guard down and connect with them; it might be healing and transporting for you as well!

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Special thanks to Celia for guest hosting this week!

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