Ep. 29 Tashara Forrest (Soul II Soul, Sleeke Entertainment)

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Tashara Forrest (Soul II Soul, James Arthur, Paloma Faith) London based singer, performer, and owner of the Sleeke Entertainment opens up about how losing her mom inspired her to leave her full time job as a counselor to pursue a career in music. Tashara also discusses the realities of balancing her business with motherhood, creating good working relationships, and the key to building a loyal team.



  1. You attract the things to you that you want. 
  2. Anything is possible. If you want to do something you can. Just give it time and work hard. 
  3. You’ve got to have a life. You can’t always be working.
  4. It’s important to look after yourself. 
  5. You sing as well as you look after yourself. 
  6. A lot of our kind of work is belief. You have to believe in yourself. 
  7. Record yourself so you see what you look like so that you can tweak your performance when you see yourself back.
  8. If you want something to happen you’ve got to do something. If you want something to change you’ve got to do something differently. 

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