Ep. 31 Dave Ruch (Performer & Educational Artist)

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I am so excited for you to hear today’s brand new episode of The Working Singer podcast with Dave Ruch (Performer & Teaching Artist).

A true Working singer in every sense of the word, for twenty plus years, Dave has carved out a full time career for himself creating relevant, educational shows for children and adults. Hailing from Buffalo, New York Dave has engaged audiences at schools, museums, performing arts centers, libraries, historical societies, and cultural and civic events. We talk about how to specialize the music you perform, how to transition out of low paying gigs, how to develop an engaging show, and how to keep a full calendar.



  1. Treating it like a full time job can get you out of a lot of ruts. 
  2. Put together a themed show. Take the material you love to do and figure out an umbrella that you could put it under. Sell the theme to venues instead of yourself. 
  3. There’s an unstated value in putting a good value on yourself and sticking to it.

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Special thanks to Dave for joining us this week!

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