Bonus Episode! Listener Spotlight on Staci Griesbach

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It’s time for our first working singer Listener Spotlight with Staci Griesbach! Staci’s story is familiar to many so many of us singers. Staci talks about that familiar fork in the road, having to choose between a full time singing career or the safety of a day job. Fifteen years later, Staci has finally given herself permission to follow her dream and record her first record, a lovely Brazilian jazz interpretation of selections from the Patsy Cline songbook.

Staci talks about her biggest hurdles, being laid off from her corporate gig, being okay with being where you are, the mind games we play with ourselves. Prepare to be inspired! I love this conversation. It’s never too late to pursue the life you want to live. 


Thanks for listening!

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Special thanks to Staci for joining us this week!

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