Ep. 33 Crystal Barron (Vocal Coach, MDH Breath Co-ordination, Laryngeal Massage)

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Crystal Barron is a vocal coach, MDH Breathing coordinator, trained in laryngeal massage, and mentor to new teachers. Crystal reveals how she overcame vocal health problems, how she challenged “teacher imposter syndrome,” and how our mindset affects our voices. 

She is also presenting her singer self-care workshop at our next Working Singer event on September 8th. 

We dive deep on this one! Don’t miss it!



  1. When we’re so focused on things outside our body we’re completely unaware of what’s happening inside our body. 
  2. Your body can either be your biggest advocate or your worst enemy when it comes to singing. 
  3. It all goes back to mind body breath and voice. 
  4. Every time you phonate you’re training yourself. You’re either reinforcing something that you want to change or you’re reinforcing something that you want to keep. 
  5. What comes out during performance is what you’ve done multiple times and what you’ve trained the body to do. 
  6. A new teacher will have to learn how to serve the student and how to read what the student needs as opposed to imposing their own experience on the student. 
  7. It’s super important for teachers to allow themselves to not be perfect. 

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Special thanks to Crystal for joining us this week!

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