Ep. 34 Bobbi Page (Vocal Contractor, Armageddon, Family Guy)

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Vocal contractor and session singer Bobbi Page has been a fixture in the session singing world for many years. She’s been the vocal contractor on mega films like Aladdin, Armageddon, and The Nightmare Before Christmas and on television shows like Family Guy and American Dad. In this conversation you’ll learn how Bobbi became such a sought after session vocalist and vocal contractor, how she got through her some of her toughest sessions, what kind of singers she likes to hire. This is a packed episode you won’t want to miss!

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  1. There’s no room for prima donnas in session singing. It’s really a team sport.
  2. You should vocalize everyday. 
  3. Sing in a chorus of some sort on a weekly basis to keep your skills sharp. 
  4. The singers who are the most versatile with open personalities stay busy. 
  5. Learning to sing like a child is really important. 
  6. Singing in a group is a place to network. Continue to expand your spheres.
  7. Send your demo to contractors and get their opinions on what they think of your demo. Don’t put anything on your demo that you can’t really do well. 
  8. Be in touch, but not too much. 
  9. Showcases are a great place to be seen and heard.

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Special thanks to Bobbi for joining us this week!

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