Ep. 36 How To Release Your Perfectionist and Free Yourself with Susan Giosa

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Susan is an award-winning actress who has worked for over 30 years, and has been teaching acting for nearly 20. She holds a BA/MA degree in Drama/Theater and did most of her graduate work at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She trained for many years with renowned acting teacher, Larry Moss. Today we’ll talk about how to make your emotions available to you whether on stage or in an audition, how to allow ourselves to take risks as artists, and why perfectionism can be a downfall for creatives.




  1. You as an artist are unique and there is no other artist like you. 
  2. You are uniquely you. You are only competing with yourself to be the best that you can be. You can not compare yourself to other people. It’s a waste of your energy. It’s a waste of your time. 
  3. If you believe that your voice is valuable, you’re going to say something with your art. You’re going to say something that comes from you uniquely-your life experience-whether you’re writing a song or interpreting somebody else’s song. 
  4. Passion is the expression of feeling. It’s not what’s locked up inside. It’s that you can you express it. 
  5. Perfectionism is the downfall of many artists. 
  6. Fear of judgement is the only thing that blocks us. 
  7. We are passionate beings and passion can be heard in your voice, in your singing, and can be seen in your body. 
  8. Art is a gift of giving. 
  9. When we hold with our body we cannot feel. We have to think of feelings moving like breath through the body. When we’re holding anywhere the feeling can’t flow. Hence it can’t go in your voice. 
  10. You have to be truthful to who you are and you have to tell your truth and then you find your audience for it. 
  11. Look for good mentors, teachers, do physical things, don’t lie to yourself.

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