Ep. 37 How to Start Your Own Successful Tribute Band with Michelle Tyler

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Michelle Tyler is the lead singer and founder two successful tribute bands for over a decade: “Mirage: Visions of Fleetwood Mac” and “Bella Donna Tribute to Stevie Nicks.” Michelle gives insights on how she started her tributes, her strategies for keeping a full performance calendar, how to pull together stellar promo that will get catch a talent booker’s eye, and much more!



  1. You have to be persistent. You have to know where being persistent and being a pest starts.  
  2. You need a good promo video, but it can’t be so highly edited that bookers can’t tell if you can really play. They need to see and hear what you really sound like. 
  3. You don’t want your promo video to be longer than five minutes.
  4. When putting together your website you have to think, “who am I doing this for. Is it primarily for my fan base or the booker?”
  5. Keep your website professional and simple. 
  6. Have a consistent group you always work with along with a backup plan. 
  7. Do it because you love doing it and if you’re good at it and you’ve got a good product you will make a difference and you can rise to the top. 

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