Ep. 39 What You Don’t Expect When Teaching Music Overseas with Viva Vinson

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  1. If you want to sing then find opportunities to sing, find opportunities to study, find opportunities to jam, find opportunities to work on your craft. 
  2. If you want to teach, start where you can. 
  3. If you’re an educator, you’re always going to be a student. You’re always going to be a student teacher. You’re always going to need to learn how to communicate better. How to teach better. How to be more inspiring. It’s a journey. 
  4. It’s in the doing. We’re always waiting for that time to be “ready,” but we’re never “ready.” We have to overcome that and ride the wave of that insecurity and just go for it anyway. 
  5. There’s nothing wrong with preparation, but there comes a point where you just have to try and not wait to be perfect. 
  6. We’ve just got to be ourselves and we’ve got to celebrate ourselves everyday and just try a little bit harder and celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes and keep moving. 

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