Ep. 44 The Science of Switching On with Steven Memel

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Steven Memel is an internationally acclaimed voice & performance coach, based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the creator of and the energy behind “The Science Of Switching On”, a unique and impactful system that enables him to achieve rapid and dramatic results with all performers. Among those who have worked with Steven are recording artists Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Jesse McCartney, actors Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Isabella Rossellini and many more. He has taught at Musicians Institute, UCLA, USC and is a regular speaker at seminars, conferences and universities around the world.



  1. There’s no award for technique. Technique is there to remove obstacles to being able to sing at your best. 
  2. It’s important that you become flexible and liquid between doing exercises with enormous focus and accuracy… and balance that with learning how to forget all that, and allow what’s been developed to appear of its own accord. 
  3. Don’t have a B game. Just don’t have one. 
  4. Don’t take your technique for granted. Keep working on it. Keep developing it. Stay in top shape technically because the more you can do that the more you can let go of that when you’re on stage. 
  5. To find the performer you really want to be, you need to dig deeper. You need to not even take the title of your song for granted. You have to keep re-exploring and examining and then forget about it. 
  6. You need to work on letting go of control. You have to let go of control before you can control what you let go of. 
  7. You must find a way to get coached and get coached by the best around you. 
  8. Rewatch performances you’ve watched a hundred times, relisten to songs, because you’ll start seeing with new eyes. 
  9. If you teach yourself how to dig deep, you’ll be used to digging deep on everything, and you’ll be deeper from the moment you start something.

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