Ep. 46 Lisa Haupert How To Become a Stellar Singing Teacher

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On this week’s episode of the Working Singer podcast, Lisa Haupert discusses her journey from majoring in psychology and becoming a registered nurse to developing into one of the most seasoned singing teachers around. She talks about how she opened her studio in Nashville, her time teaching at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, and how she trains singing teachers with the BAST program.



  1. We need to be vulnerable in our storytelling because then people can relate to us. People relate to that openness and vulnerability. 
  2. Get to know your client and what makes them tick. What is their motivator for taking lessons?
  3. The lesson plan evolves with the student.
  4. With some proper initial training as a teacher you’re pretty assured you’re not going to hurt their voice. If they leave just a little better than they came, you’ve done great work.
  5. Muscle memory is so trained in us, if you can change just a little muscle memory for somebody you’ve made a huge difference.
  6. We have to be willing to share our clients – to have a long list of teammates. 
  7. As a teacher, you need to know yourself, what you do best, and what do you need more of. 

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Special thanks to Lisa for joining us this week!