I’ve been a singer, songwriter and independent artist for many years.  It can be fun, exciting, has taken me to new places and I’ve made friends I’ll have for life, but it can also be incredibly tough and lonely work.  In fact, I was going through a serious slump where nothing was going right when I thought, “What can I do to pull myself out of this place and just connect with other singers who might be in this spot too?”

I decided to create this podcast for singers to get together and talk shop.  “The Working Singer” podcast is not only for that young singer who’s trying to navigate this business, but also for the seasoned singer who’s trying to do the same thing!  We are all in this boat together and that can be easy to forget! 

So, every week I’m getting together with amazing, working singers to talk about gigging, vocal health & technique and this unique business of being a singer.  All of our trials and tribulations and triumphs and victories will be discussed and celebrated here! I hope you are inspired to use these stories as part of your survival guide!  I’m very excited to get into it!

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