I can’t tell you how much growth I have experienced in the simple to decision to create this podcast. It has expanded my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I have had brilliant conversations and insights with some incredible guests. I’ve created events for listeners of the podcast. In October, I held a retreat for singers in Big Bear, CA!

I started this podcast because I was at a standstill with my own career and needed a resource that not only helped inform me, but created true connection with others. I also wanted to share with others any valuable input I received. The response has been beyond what I could’ve imagined and I’ve been receiving messages from singers all over the world. Amazing!

Your donation would help greatly with guest research, show editing, marketing, file hosting (the files for the show are huge and have to be hosted on a remote server), and much more.

I am looking forward to what’s to come and I am so excited for you to be a part of it!

Anything you can give would be so deeply appreciated and will truly help The Working Singer podcast to continue to thrive!

Biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart!