Ep. 32 Sheila Jordan (Charlie Parker, Blue Note Records, George Russell)

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On today’s brand new episode of The Working Singer podcast guest Sheila Jordan discusses keeping jazz music alive, her friendship with Charlie Parker, and being the first singer ever to be signed to the legendary Blue Note Records. At the age of ninety, Sheila has seen it all and with a full schedule of performing and teaching, is still one of the busiest jazz singers around. 



  1. You must learn the original melody of the tune before you can even think of doing anything with it. 
  2. Don’t force improv. Just let it happen. 
  3. You’ll never get lost if you learn the original melody.
  4. (On soloing/scatting) If you can’t say it in two choruses you’ll never say it. 
  5. Don’t give up.
  6. Learn the music.
  7. You don’t have to scat to be a jazz singer. 
  8. Tell your story.
  9. Only sing songs that you really like, that touch your heart, that you really can get into lyrically and otherwise. 

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Special thanks to Sheila for joining us this week!