Ep. 21 Dr. Reena Gupta & Mindy Pack (Vocal Health)

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Dr. Reena Gupta, MD FACS is the director of the Division of Voice and Laryngology at Osborne Head and Neck Institute in Los Angeles, CA. She is board-certified in otolaryngology and fellowship-trained in Laryngology/Care of the Professional voice. Dr. Gupta specializes in the care of injuries that occur in singers, actors, and other professional voice users. She uses state-of-the art equipment and a carefully-trained ear to ensure accurate diagnosis is established. Treatment is tailored to the diagnosis, with care taken to be conservative and collaborative with the patient.

Mindy Pack is part of an incredible voice team in Salt Lake City with top ENT David Palmer, SLP and Vocologist Karin Titze Cox, and voice scientist and Vocologist Dr. Ingo Titze. Mindy holds a certificate in Clinical Vocology from The National Center for Voice and Speech. Mindy holds certificate in laryngeal manipulation. Mindy is the creator of one of the top Educational Apps called Voice Tutor.

Mindy has a full studio in Salt Lake City, Utah and students around the world via Skype or Face Time. Her studio has a roster or clients from the novice to the professional, all genre’s and styles, the injured or rehab voice, transgender, motivational speakers, and any other voice user seek out her help. Clients are in all genres and styles of music. Her clients have been seen on world tours, national Broadway tours, AMA’s, Grammy’s, Saturday Night Live, International Award shows, You Tube Sensations, College Scholarship Winners, Reality TV Shows, Cruise Lines, and local and national performances to name a few. She also just opened a studio in Los Angeles, CA.



  1. Have a pre show routine where fifteen minutes before the show you have alone time and visualize your success. Don’t engage with any negative people in the room or otherwise. Get yourself in the headspace of success.
  2. Look for a fellowship trained laryngologist who will do a rigid strobe during your examination.
  3. Get your voice checked when you’re feeling good.
  4. Vocal injuries happen with voice use in the context of illness, high stress, lack of sleep, or a reflux flare [just a few examples].
  5. You only get hurt when you ignore symptoms and keep using your voice. It’s preventable and it’s not about technique.
  6. It’s imperative for any professional voice user to check in with a voice coach regularly because they are an unbiased set of ears who, if they’re good, are going to be able to hear the subtle difference.
  7. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.
  8. Don’t be afraid of a diagnosis. Be empowered by it because now you know what you have, so you can tackle.
  9. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more power you have in your own voice and your own career.
  10. Every singer’s voice is buildable.
  11. Make sure you get a coach that understands your goals.
  12. Preparation is important.

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Special thanks to Dr. Reena Gupta & Mindy Pack for joining us this week!